“Failures make you unique, so use them and turn them into positives.” Lilly Alfonso

Lilly Alfonso is a renowned fashion designer from Malawi. Her eponymous fashion brand, Lilly Alfonso, is internationally recognized. Her designs have graced the runways of Africa Fashion Week London, Barcelona Africa Fashion Week and the Africa Fashion Reception Paris.

With almost a decade in the business of fashion. this is her biggest advice to female entrepreneurs;

“It is important to know yourself. Understand and believe in your dreams. Give yourself room to research and plan for whatever you are dreaming of venturing into. Giving up isn’t the only way if things get tough ahead. Challenges build you up, and so does criticism. Failures make you unique, so use them and turn them into positives. Furthermore, give time to realize and leverage the skills you possess, or take time to gain more of the skills you need to grow. If there are essential skills that you don’t personally possess but which are necessary for the growth and development of the business, then look to the skills of others to help you meet your goals. Always remember that there is no “I” but “we” if you need to build something big. Always allow others to give you help along the way.”

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