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#LLAInterview: “I found out that the prices of sanitary products had increased by more than 100% and thought of how it would impact the underprivileged girls who already struggled with the prices of these products,” Karo Omu, Founder, Sanitary Aid Initiative.

Image credit: Karo Omu Karo Omu is widely known as the founder of Sanitary Aid for Nigerian Girls and the Foundation for The Eradication of Child Labour. She is

#CareerConversationsWithLLA: “Be authentic; Stay true to yourself,” Simbo Olatoregun, Product Marketing Manager leading Diversity and Inclusion initiatives for Grow with Google in Sub Saharan Africa. 

Image credit: Simbo Olatoregun Simbo Olatoregun is the Product Marketing Manager leading Diversity and Inclusion initiatives for Grow with Google in Sub Saharan Africa. She is the lead for

#LadyBoss Interview: “Entrepreneurship is stewardship. it is the ability to recognise, develop and nurture; the ability to birth solutions and sustain continuous progress while making a profit,” Imisi Owolabi, President of Hope365 and the #WhenFriendsPray platform.

Image credit: Imisi Owolabi ImisiOluwa Owolabi is the President of Hope365 and the #WhenFriendsPray platform. She is an international speaker, minister, and prophet to the nations, who through speaking,

It’s a crucial and urgent imperative to have more women take on leadership roles in business and across the corporate sphere. It’s the only way real change can occur in the world.

The needs of organizations and society are so complex that they require a full range of diverse voices, and skill sets to solve them.

Creating an environment where different kinds of women can all succeed is crucial to socio-economic growth and development.


Running in Heels Career Conference

A career development conference for working women to learn and balance the art of excellent execution and epic result delivery under the pressure of diverse workload whilst empowering them to take the lead in breaking barriers in the workplace.

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Ladies Lunch Series

A quarterly event where women from different backgrounds have the opportunity to learn, be inspired, and connect with one another. The objective is to create spaces where women engage, connect and thrive.

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Women in Leadership and Politics Symposium

A conference for Nigerian women in Leadership and Politics especially in the public sector

Creative Entrepreneurs Academy

A Bootcamp for female entrepreneurs in the creative sector

Enterprise and Leadership Program

The ELP is a practical, hands-on program that is focused on enabling the women entrepreneurs in Nigeria to identify business opportunities, create and sustain viable enterprises

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