“Confidence should be your morning coffee.” Aisha Shuaibu, Co-Owner Waffle Stop

Aisha Shuaibu is the co-owner of Waffle Stop, a cafe in Abuja that specializes in all day breakfast offering of waffles and pancakes. The business which started as a class project idea as now become one of the fastest growing restaurants in the city of Abuja.

How was she able to achieve this?

“Having been in Abuja for most of my life, my business partner and I went to school here and have also been involved in several other businesses in the past, which overtime helped us establish a deep network. Never doubt the benefits of a strong support network and the power of word of mouth in a small city. Social media and quality branding helps a lot but word of mouth keeps people coming.”

Aside from successfully growing the brand from a project idea to reality, Aisha believes that there are essential skills every female entrepreneur should have;

“Confidence should be your morning coffee. Wake up, look in the mirror, take a sip and say “lets go!”. I believe being able to hold a conversation is an important quality as well. Be bold, convincing and fearless. We really are superwomen. Now tell yourself and go show the world!”

Culled from Woman.ng

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