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FAQ LLA #100 Women

The #LLA100 Women list also known as “100 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria” list, is an annual initiative of Leading Ladies Africa, started in 2015 as a means of honoring and recognizing the contributions and impact that Nigerian women have made across socio, economic, political, business and cultural spheres. Its main objective is to continuously push for gender equality, empowerment, diversity and inclusion.

The list is published every year on March 8, in commemoration of the International Women’s Day celebrations. It is published on the LLA Blog and social media platforms, as well as across several other partnering websites and media platforms.
Impact. Not popularity. Not number of fans on social media. But impact. We want to see women who are making a clear and measurable impact in the fields of business, advocacy, art, politics, workplace, social work, culture, entertainment and the likes.
Yes you can. Self nomination is actually a thing!
While we know incredible women who do amazing things year on year, we want to give space for others who haven’t had the chance to be on the list. And that’s why we try to have only new names/new women on the list every year.

You can submit a nomination once. Unlike other initiatives that depend on volume of nominations, we are all about IMPACT at LLA. Nominees become honorees based on the impact of their contributions to society.

#LLA100 Women is open to anyone who identifies as a Nigerian woman and/or woman of Nigerian descent/heritage. She can be on the continent or in the diaspora — doesn’t matter — as long as she’s making an impact. 

Yes we do. We also have the #50 Corporate Women in Nigeria list — which is published every year on May 1st in commemoration of Worker’s Day.


An annual release that features 100 Nigerian women drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and sectors who are deliberately impacting their world and local communities through the power and strength of their ideas and achievements. The list contains women who are making great strides in the world of Business, Politics, Advocacy, Governance and Enterprise. It is published on International Women’s Day- March 8


An annual release that features 50 Nigerian women making significant impact in the Nigerian corporate and business sectors. The list makes a case for the increased representation and appointment of women in leadership positions within the world of business. It is published on Workers Day- May 1

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