7 Things Simphiwe Dana taught us about overcoming depression

Depression is still an untouched subject in the African community. Simphiwe after struggling with depression over the past years has shared her struggle to remind others that they are not on their own. Her story is very important to me as many are silently struggling with depression today and it’s hard for them to speak to anyone or get help when they need it.

Simphiwe’s music has been hailed for its soothing and healing powers. She shares that she’s been told by some of her fans that her music has rescued them when the world overwhelms them.


I’ll like to share with you 7 things I’ve learnt about overcoming depression from Simphiwe Dana the soulful artist and activist. She is currently taking her journey one day at a time. And you can do same.

  • The worst thing to do when you’re depressed is alcohol. You think it makes it better but it actually makes it worse. At best it postpones it. It can actually drive you over the edge and you end up doing something you wouldn’t normally do.
  • You need to keep your mind busy. Get up and get out of bed.
  • It’s not because of lack of strength that people get depressed. It is a psychological condition that basically needs medical attention like many other illnesses. It is important to have a support system too, people who make you feel better.
  • The most important and effective way to overcome depression is to confront it and heal. Do not suffer in silence. Silence can be deadly when you’re alone.


  • There is no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed if you discover that you’re suffering from depression. Seek help whenever you can.
  • Dana says writing music for her is therapeutic and I agree with her. You don’t have to write a song or anything meaningful at all. Just write anything that comes to mind. It also helps to write what you feel. Remember that it doesn’t have to make sense.


  • She also explains that someone taught her the three spoon theory. See below it is helpful.

‘’imagine that you have three spoons that represent the events you need to attend to today. You have to get up and get dresses, get the kids to school or get yourself to work, and you have a meeting you need to attend to. And each is a spoonful. If you manage to swallow one of those spoonfuls, you have achieved something massive’’.  And that gives you a sense of purpose for the day.

The interesting part is, the moment you’re able to get yourself out, you will become occupied by other things.


Remember that you’re not alone. You have all the love in the world. And majority of that love is inside of you. Go out and spread that love.

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