7 tips for the working woman from Edwina Kulego’s LLA Interview

Edwina Kulego is a formidable force in the world of fashion and retailing. She moved from Sweden to the United States with the sole intention of pursuing a career in fashion and business. Edwina has worked with major fashion brands, she is a public speaker and entrepreneur, with about 10 years experience in the fashion industry.


Early this year in May, Leading Ladies Africa had an interview with Edwina Kulego and today, we’re sharing with you, 7 tips for the working woman.

  • If you are at a crossroads and don’t know what career path to embark on, you should intern in the field that you are interested in. Some internships and more rewarding than others but they all teach us some valuable tools or skills that we can apply to our next role
  • Having determination and discipline is a skill. And we can improve these skills. Being on top of things helps create balance.
  • A lot of people say that business isn’t personal. But when you are truly passionate and interested in people; it naturally opens you up to new opportunities
  • Set Goals. You won’t know where you are heading if you don’t have a plan. Start writing things down in order to create a sense of direction.


  • Examine your surroundings. If the people, places or things around you aren’t uplifting or inspiring you then it’s time to make some changes. Remove the things in your life that are hindering you from getting to your goals.
  • Take Risks: Everything was impossible until someone did it. I thought I was going to be a lawyer when I was younger. I saw an opportunity within Fashion and I took it. Don’t be afraid to dive into the unknown… Its fun and you always leave with lesson.
  • Being diverse and having the ability to adapt in different environments is key in international business. Growing your knowledge of the world will help with building the confidence you need to become a global business woman.


Think Big!

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