Janet Jackson is Phenom and we Love Her Like That!

Janet Damita Jo Jackson is innovative, socially conscious and provocative. Expectedly, these traits seep into her music which is a fusion of pop and urban and she overtime been described as “an artist who has reshaped the sound and image of rhythm and blues” Her relevance in the music industry since the 1970’s till date will see […]

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How Well Do You Know Rihanna?

You probably know her as a pretty face, talented musician, skilled song writer and founder of Fenty Beauty but Robyn Rihanna Fenty is so much more. Do you know Rihanna is actively into Philanthropy and has in fact used her fame to wager for so many human right causes that even earned her an appraisal […]

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Some 13 Things You Did Not Know But Should Know About Gabrielle Union Wade

If you love Gabrielle Union, indicate by doing a tap dance. Gabrielle is IT and by IT we mean she is e-v-e-r–y–f-r-i-g-g-i-n-g-d-a-n-g-t-h-i-n-g. Jeez!!!!!!!! Okay, let’s get serious now. Let’s forget her caramel skin, gorgeous dimples, luscious lips, almost perfect dentition, dark rich hair, leggggggggggggs for days and concentrate on others things you did not know […]

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