“Never underestimate the importance of Faith”- Toke Makinwa’s CNN Interview and 6 Lessons You Can Learn From It”

Everyone knows television host, vlogger, author and entrepreneur Toke Makinwa or TM as she is popularly called. Early this year Toke, shared her journey on CNN’s African voices.  The interview was a documentary- a mini documentary on the woman (not necessarily the brand) that is Toke Makinwa. As usual, we have put together lessons from the interview we believe will be useful for you irrespective of the season you are in. See lessons below.

Lesson 1 : Let “No” be your comfort zone: Let every “No” you get when trying to attain success mean “Not Yet”, once you register that, it becomes a comfort zone that can be used to fuel your passion.

Lesson 2: Success is a process, it takes time: Success doesn’t happen overnight, you have to be patient. Stay steadfast, put in the work, grow daily and watch yourself bloom

Lesson 3: Never underestimate the importance of “Faith”: Faith is important on your journey to success, it keeps you going when in doubt. It is necessary to have a glimmer of hope that everything will work out eventually.

Lesson 4: Make these two words your mantra “I Can”: Regardless of where you start from or where you find yourself, as long as you have a dream, you keep saying to yourself “I can” and you stay true to your passion, you will make it.

Lesson 5: Do not shy away from facing Your fear: Know who you are and do not be afraid to shame that shame! Focus on where you are going and once you overcome that fear, you will always find your way.

Lesson 6: Love What You Do: Ensure you love what you do, in the long run when the going gets tough, it is that love that will keep you going.

If you missed the interview, you can play catch up on YouTube.


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