“Building a career in the corporate space and running a business doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. They are both vehicles for expressing your passion.” Abosede George-Ogan #CareerConversationsWithLLA IG Live Series.


How is your weekend going?

If you joined the first edition of our Career Conversations IG LIVE series then you can attest the session was thoroughly impactful and enlightening.

For those that didn’t join in, too bad!You should plan to attend the next edition which will be happening soon. We have put together a couple of lessons that resonated with us from the session but first, a quick brief on our guest.

She is Abosede George-Ogan. A career woman with 15 years experience in non-profit, private and public sector. She began a career in development in Action Aid International Nigeria and moved on to lead Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship for Keystone Bank, First Bank and Samsung Electronics West Africa. Currently the Director Strategy, Partnerships, and Stakeholder Management at the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, she is the author of the book “Building a Conscious Career: How to build a fulfilling and financially rewarding career”

Lessons we took out from the impactful session are listed below

1. When you think you’ve failed, pick yourself up and try again.

2. Your passion doesn’t necessarily have to be Arty, or arts inclined. It can be anything you find fulfilment doing.

3. Money is important but shouldn’t be the primary reason why you should decide to take or decline a job.

4. Your career will always affect the choice of a life partner. Hence, be intentional about knowing what you want from the get go and tailoring your choices to reflect that.

5. Understand the role you play in impacting an organisation. Understand where your competencies ties into the big picture and leverage on it.

6. Impact is not for just non-profit. Impact can be made anywhere including both private and public sector.

7.  When you become confident in the value you bring in, it affects the confidence you exude and this in return helps you to demand for higher pay.

8. Government exists for public good.

9. Entrepreneurship is a career with just a different means of expression.

10. Businesses exists to solve problems.When setting out on a business venture, delve into a business that aligns with the impact you want to create on earth.

11. Building a career in the corporate space and running a business doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. They are both vehicles for expressing your passion.

12. As long as you are on earth and the currency of exchange is money, you will have different outlets for making money.

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