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One of the industries that is getting a lot of attention is the tech industry. In recent times there has been a lot of focus on science and technology so you can only imagine how wide that market would be.

A number of techprenuers ( especially women) are coming up and a whole lot more are thinking of how to start, diversify and grow . Today we want to put the spotlight on Sazia Sousa, founder of Technoplus  and give you  insights on how to  start your own tech consulting company if you’ve always wanted to, using her example.

Technoplus is a Mozambican Company working in Solutions in Information Technologies, since 2010.

Here are a few things you should know. 

Start small but be ready to expand. 

According to Sazia, her company started out with a focus on IT maintenance but has since expanded to split into three specialist service areas : Infrastructure and Hardware, Web solutions and Sales.  You don’t need to start your company with all the resources and knowledge in the world, but you’ve got to start before you can think of expanding. Right? 

Unemployment is not an excuse

Many young people are just begging for someone to employ them. Don’t get us wrong, it is good to have a job. However  unemployment may be life’s way of telling you that you’ve got to find your own way. Don’t rely solely on your job. Sazia was forced into entrepreneurship because she did not have a job. In her own words ” The principal motivation to start my business was by the need to work and lack of employment available at the time, as a result the solution was self-employment.” 

Give your clients results

No matter how much your client pays you. Don’t forget the reason why they hired you in the first place is to provide solution. If you cannot do it then there’s a problem because they’d never refer to you as serious and you’d probably loose them a customers too. This quote by Sazia  says it all. “At Technoplus we present innovative and results oriented solutions for their IT areas, always surpassing their most demanding expectations.”

What solution is your business providing? 


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