These female African travel influencers will soothe your wandering soul!

‘This heart of mine was made to travel’

We can truly relate to the author of this quote. Traveling is a fulfilling way to live life.

Forbes — the all-knowing ‘oracle’ of our time — in an article about why travel is good for one’s mental health mentions reduced cortisol levels, and creating feelings of calm and contentness.

Every human is born with a longing in their soul — a wanderlust, to experience a world outside the one they are familiar with, but only a few act on that longing. 

In this article, we will highlight five African travel influencers who have not hesitated to answer the call of wanderlust in their souls, who help us soothe our own wandering souls.


Wendy Watta


Wendy ‘on the go’ Watta is every travel enthusiast’s spirit animal. Her Lonely Planet bio reads “Currently hell bent on travelling across Africa by any means necessary. Will pack for a trip at the drop of a hat, so don’t tempt me. Still can’t decide if I’m more of a beach, city or mountains person, but if I haven’t been there yet, it’s probably on my bucket list

The Indian-born travel writer has created quite an archive of travel content across several platforms, including her wanderlust-inducing Instagram account. She covers several topics in her articles, from hotels to tour sites, and more, her articles are a go-to for first-time visitors of African and Australian travel destinations. 

Vidette Adjorlolo

Vidette is a self-described nomad whose identity is freedom. A UK-born Ghanaian travel enthusiast, she quit her 9-to-5 job and founded travel company,
Sorted Chale.

With destinations like Hong Kong, Bangkok and Havana under her belt, she says her passion for traveling started during an international exchange program to the Netherlands. Since then, she has made it a goal to visit the world.

Vidette is building Sorted Chale to create wholesome experiences for African tourists, putting Africa on the map for remarkable travel adventures.

Nadine Arab


With the moniker ‘curls en route’, Nadine Arab is an Egyptian travel influencer and entrepreneur who ‘dropped the norm because it didn’t suit her’. 

Nadine’s has created travel guides to support solo travelers on their sojourns to North Africa and the Middle East, highlighting places to visit and things to do at tour destinations throughout the region.


Tumukunde Joselyn


This Rwandan travel influencer doubles as a travel consultant, making a living from her passion. Joselyn’s online content focuses on helping Rwandan travelers make the most of their travel experiences  by putting them on to everything that makes for an incredible trip. 

She also creates content that aids foreign tourists to fully appreciate their voyage to Rwanda.

Tonia Hope

Tonia is a UK-based travel influencer and content creator who has been everywhere! Lisbon, Budapest, Iceland, Jordan, Costa Rica, China, Turkey, Lebanon and more. You could live vicariously through her via her Instagram account, and denounce your sedentary lifestyle because of her posts.

Her storytelling method of countries she has visited and compelling visual proof of their beauty would make you gasp in appreciation. She also shares some tips for solo travelers that would make an overall safe and wholesome experience. 

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