Tashmeen Authar’s Rollasole is solving the problems of many women



The perfect pair of heels can turn any outfit from gloom to glam. But with this comes much suffering. Though similar words have been read and repeated by many people, Tashameen Authar made a difference out of them. As the co-founder of Rollasole SA, she and her husband, both trained engineers, design, manufacture and retail fashionable but comfortable rollable flat shoes rolled in a compact form with a high heel carry bag.

The idea of finding a solution to the perennial problem of sore feet that women face from constantly wearing high heels was born from her own constant complaints to her husband of sore feet after a night out partying. The original idea was to find a way of making high heels that could be convertted to flats for the wearer’s convenience. However, when she came up with the idea of Rollasoles, she was completely smitten and decided to run with it instead.

Now, the business, she and her husband started in 2013 has grown so much that Rollasoles are now being worn by celebrities. Some were sighted wearing them at the after parties of the Golden Globe Awards to ease off the stress of standing for long periods in their gorgeous heels.

On advice for women who want to start up their own businesses, she says, “You will fail your way to success, and your next breakthrough will always be right on the edge of what you deem a failure.” She hopes that the business will grow to be a worldwide brand such that every woman who owns a pair of high heels will own a pair of matching Rollasoles.

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