Rapelang is changing the face of education and learning one student at a time


With the belief that in the next 10 years one of the greatest drivers of data usage on the continent will not just be entertainment and social media, but educational, training and learning content, Rapelang Rabana started Rekindle Learning, a highly innovative learning and development company which uses the power of mobile and computer learning applications to enable people access knowledge in the palm of their hands.

Rekindle Learning provides mobile and computer learning applications that enable a broad range of knowledge to be learned quickly. Whether it is school learning or corporate training, it has it all.

One of the perks of Rekindle is that it helps students reinforce whatever they have learnt particularly after workshop sessions or classroom teachings. Instead of just leaving class and forgetting about whatever has been taught, the students can always go back to study notes and study at their own pace. The application is so personalized that it works according to the pace of the student until the required level of knowledge is achieved.


Rapelang’s vision for Rekindle is that it becomes the center of learning, enabling people, from school children, to young high school graduates needing new opportunities, to entrepreneurs, to women farmers, build knowledge from the palm of their hands.

Her advice to young techprenuers is this, “Learn to trust your intuition and pursue the areas that interest you most. Software and technology is all about creating something from your imagination. Don’t try to be like others. Use your own unique perspective of the world to generate ideas and don’t be afraid to pursue those. You must be able to come up with an idea and trust yourself enough to pursue it.”

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