#SuperSoulSunday; Understading the power of praise.

Praise is the act of expressing approval or admiration. Worship is reverent honor and homage paid to God. There is tremendous power in praise and I’ll be sharing a few things that can happen when you praise God with all your heart.


  • There is an infilling of the Holy Spirit. Praise and worship triggers the overflow of God’s Spirit in our hearts. We not only enter God’s presence through praise, but we are also filled with His presence.
  • An atmosphere for hearing God is created. If you want to hear from God, you must worship Him
  • There is a relief from stress and anxiety. We must always move from prayer to praise, so we don’t dwell on the problem but on the solution.
  • Blessings are received from God. If we will spend more time in praise and worship, we will have a lot less to pray about.
  • Your enemies are caused to flee. If we constantly praise and worship Him, God will cause us to prevail and our enemies to flee before us.

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