#SuperSoulSunday: The Importance of gratitude

There’s this thing about just being thankful… For some reason, we often do not comprehend the power of appreciation. How about we discuss this then.
Most often, we easily feel entitled to things that we receive and for that reason, we never really think being thankful about it matters. But we forget, the only reason we are capable of receiving anything is because we were given, and the one who gives can choose not to. We can rebel, fight for or even cunningly go ahead to take what we want, but for every action, is an equal and opposite reaction. So, the fact that we receive is privileges in its own light and for that, we need be thankful.
Another thing is the peace is brings, the more thankful we are about what we have, the less time we spend worrying about what we don’t. This has many benefit, there’s a joy it brings and this joy helps longevity, helps mental states and accuracy, helps meditation and innovation.
So, being thankful isn’t you doing a favor to someone else, you are actually doing yourself a favor.
Appreciation also brings worth and value, when you put value in people, they often would return value to you. When you make it a thing to treat people with a sense of worth, they in turn see you as a person who understands their worth and that sense of understanding creates an image of you in their minds as a reputable person and thus, you are appreciated in return.
It’s almost cliché to mention, but it is true, that one who appreciates, would always receive more. People love to be appreciated. so, if they keep getting that from you, they’d love to get more of it (until it starts to seem like an act of course), but true appreciation would push the giver to do more…

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