How to fall in love with yourself. 7 tips to self love

So I asked about ten (10) different people who they loved the most in their lives and it was alarming to discover that ALL of them pointed to or mentioned someone else, and I wondered how many other people they will list before they get to mention or point at themselves (that’s if they remember).

So I decided to let you know today that there is nothing wrong with loving yourself and showing love to yourself. I’ll b listingĀ  tips to starting your self love journey. It is a gradual process and I encourage you to give yourself the chance and create the time to think about yourself and care properly for yourself. The irony however is, you can’t be loved correctly by anyone else if you don’t know how you want to be loved.

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self-love (1)

Step 1.Ā 

Know your boundaries. If you don’t have any, create them now! boundaries are an essential form of self care. Because, they let others know what you deserve and expect. so it helps create room for respect. It also helps you know when to say NO!

Step 2.

Be truly Present. your daily life is already full of distractions as it is, and many of these things can be draining and this keeps us from truly finding, and keeping ourselves.

Step 3.

Do Not Compare yourself to anyone else! You are unique and you deserve the best. also remember that everyone has their peculiar struggles. and you cannot carry their burden, same way they cant bear yours.

self love 2

step 4.Ā 

Find your strength and use it! Do not let your sparkle go unnoticed. harness that unique gift and talent as trivial or insignificant as it seems and build upon it. always magnify your strengths, they naturally hide your weaknesses.

step 5.

Be Honest with yourself. Honesty is key in all relationships even in your relationship with yourself. when you’re honest with yourself, you have a better chance at excelling at what you’re really good at.

Step 6.

When you fall, stand up! do not let failure keep you on the ground. push through your mistakes and take the lessons. then you can make better choices and achieve greater successes.

Step 7.

Remove those ā€œI want you to like meā€ stickers from your forehead and instead put them where they will do the most good. Your Mirror


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