Shalom Blac Models What Self-Esteem, Courage and Self-Love Should Look Like On An African Woman.

From time to time, we all need human reminders on self-esteem and courage. These two themes are particularly crucial if you are looking to stand out and stay relevant in life. Nigerian born Youtube V-logger, Shalom Blac reminds us why these two themes cannot be over emphasised.

Shalom who has had to live with physical scars following an accident that happened when she was much younger understands very deeply what self-love means and why it is vital to becoming a leading lady. Shalom’s scars has earned her scorn, and stigma severally and at some point she considered committing suicide. Apart from the huge toll unreasonable beauty standards propagated by the media has had on her emotional health, having to live up to societal expectations of how to deal with her scars as a burns survivor has also been a thing.

From being asked severally “why do you look like this” to being called a ‘monster’ to being told to wear makeup and weaves to cover up the scars to being policed for not looking good enough to handling backlash for not being aesthetically pleasing, Shalom has finally come to terms with her femininity, is on a journey to living life on her own terms and inspiring lives too.

Today, Shalom is actively into transformative make up videos which has garnered quite a massive following on Youtube. In an interview she had earlier this year, she took off her make up and wig on camera, a feat lots of women shy away from. According to her, it is important we model to young girls and adults that you do not have to wear make up to feel confident and beautiful. She advocates that beauty lies within and equal or more effort should be placed on the internal.

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