Let’s Chat About SEX, For A Minute

We all love ice cream, the taste, the colour, the flavours it comes in and all the amazing toppings that can be added to it.
And just like ice cream, relationships come in various colours, flavours and with different type of topping… The certain thing here though is that no matter what, as long as the ice cream is made rightly, the ice cream would be sweet.
That’s how relationships are, they are sweet, beautiful and colourful.
Sex? That’s just the topping added to it. It isn’t the basic or foundation of the ice cream relationship… There’s true genuine love, truth, trust, commitment, sacrifice, understanding and obviously, money…. lol… YES!! Money.

sex talk

Now, is sex an important factor in a relationship?

The thing is, just like ice cream, relationships can cause brain freeze or cause your teeth to ache, with or without the topping (sex). So, you have to always be prepared for them.
This is to say that just like the ice cream, sex, which is only the topping, isn’t what stops the relationship from somehow stinging or making it hold together. It is just the beautiful sweetened and caramelized coconut shaving added on top of a well made, low air whipped ice cream.
And for a complete packaged ice cream, one has to wait, watch certain materials get smashed, mixed, poured in, served neatly and then with precision, have the topping sprinkled right on top… There’s more in place before the sex and if those things are not in place, it’s like having the cherry with no ice cream, like dessert with no main course.


Sex is beautiful when it comes on top at the right time. It will always be enjoyable no matter when or how you take it, but its real beauty comes when it is added properly on the perfectly whipped ice cream (the confines of marriage).

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