8 Times Ola Adewale Defined ‘Colorful’ Through Fashion.

For the color obsessed fashionistas, the ones who believe dressing up is incomplete without a burst of colors; the mint green with magenta or burgundy berets with blue ripped jeans or yellow fedora with the pink stilettos fashion lovers. Ladies who are about that “lighting-up-the-neighborhood-with-a burst-of-colors-cos-really-what-is-fashion without-colors” kinda life. ??

If I just described you, girrrrrrrrrrrrlllllll you are on to some color lessons today. Hopefully you do not become color blind, haha??

Ofcourse, you know colors are a great mood booster and confidence amplifier. Wearing the right colors (read: colors that makes your melanin pop) can essentially do wonders in flipping a blehhh-grey day to a we-gon-slay-dragons-and-paint-the-town-red day.

To further broaden your horizons on color pairing, we brought your home girl, the Chief in command of the Colorful ensemble association to spill some color pairing tips to save our not so colorful lives.

Ola Adewale “Olarslim”

Yawl, to know Ola Adewale “Olarslim” is to know what color pairing is and to know what color pairing is in 2019 is a major pass mark in fashion.

If you are lost, never mind, we got you covered. Just track with us slowly. See below EIGHT pictures we culled from Olarslim’s gallery that proves she is solid when it comes to pairing colors for garb.

How beautiful is a pink and red combo? ??
Red and white is ridiculously always a win ??
Don’t you just love how this print gives monochrome a classy appeal????
Once you are done gushing over the blazer dress, spot the shoes and catch a pairing tip for styling your animal prints??
Absolutely love the cuffs and ‘corset’ combo. Brilliant?
One word- Yellow??
Taking notes?✍?
Peek the shoes?
What’s not to love? ☺️☺️

What do you think about Ola’s Fashion personality?

Did she inspire you to try out new colors?

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