Moyosola Jolaolu: Do Your Happy Dance

Moyosola Jolaolu

On your way to your dream goal there’ll be hiccups; little things that will occur to disrupt the grand plan. This is not the negative advice you’re looking to hear when starting out on a mission to world domination. However, in the midst of many variables, it is the one inevitable fact.

 Now, these little things as we’ve gathered become the key differentiators between those who make it to the finish line and those who don’t. Ergo, something minute could be grand to someone else depending on how well they are able to manage these rough patches. You’re either using them as propagators to push harder or you’re letting them defeat you and are staying defeated.

Now, moving away from all that morbid talk. Let’s shift to the real premise of this piece. What we don’t do enough of is give ourselves a pat on the shoulder. We’re so busy chasing the next high that we forget the small victories. A little thing puts us off and we’re back to square one complaining about how the world is an awful place and how we absolute hate ‘adulting’. Adulting is officially a term by the way, you might want to add it into your vocabulary.

You see, to move forward, it is important that you gather some confidence. Confidence is what motivates you to take the next step. There are too many glaring obstacles in the way of our victories that really, any victory, no matter how small deserves to be celebrated. The more you celebrate the small victories, the more confidence you’ve gathered to move on to the next step. We’re quick to beat ourselves when life’s inevitable hiccups occur but not as quick to celebrate our wins.

So, the next time you get a compliment at the office, win a case, drop your kids off and still manage to make it to your desk in record time, create a banging strategy, think up a new way to add value, go out of your comfort zone and offer your services to a potential new client, exclude carbs from your diet the whole week, gather up the confidence to even bother with networking… Do your happy dance! Celebrate yourself and entertain the possibility that you might just conquer the world after all!

About Moyosola

Moyosola is a Communications Strategist, Writer and Editor. She is unrepentant about the empowerment of women across Africa.


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