10 Things Florence Seriki Taught Us With Her Life.


Florence Seriki is one woman whose life we will forever be grateful for. Today, we celebrate the legacy she leaves behind and the lessons she taught with her life, all of which younger generations of women leaders will forever draw their inspirations from.

1. On Being a woman

Her life is a classic illustration that being a woman is a great gift and not a weakness. Much more, it is never an excuse for failing to live one’s dream. If anything, it is a best shot at challenging the status quo which she did. When asked how she was able to attain and sustain success on her entrepreneurial journey, she ascribed it to being a woman.

2. On the success journey

She started out her entrepreneurial journey in her early 20s with the launch of Omatek Ventures Plc. She did surprise the world as a female founder and chief executive officer of one of Nigeria’s pioneer computer manufacturers.

3. On Technology

We are grateful to her for proving that technology is as much a woman’s field as is arts. Her brave career act has spurred on a generation of women who are not scared to take on any field of human endeavor, regardless of how rigourous it might seem.

4. On opportunities

Florence built an empire out of something we would consider nothing at all: the use of knocked down components in creating the Omatek brand. Thanks to her, the Omatek computer is true proof that rose can indeed grow from concrete.


5. On industry domination

Her leadership exploit has inspired a new trend of thought in us and it is that the term ‘male domination’ is outdated. Women can pull the strings anywhere, given they’re up or it. So rather than think ‘male-dominated’, we choose to think of it as ‘success-dominated’.

6. On wading through crisis

She might have failed a number of times on her entrepreneurial pursuit, but she is the woman we all love today because she stayed firm and waxed stronger. We are grateful for her fearless spirit and strong entrepreneurial drive. Women do not just have to sit pretty, we can shatter glass ceilings as well. When asked how she handled crisis, she attributed it to God and her guts.

7. On being a solution provider

She did not just stop at building an indigenous computer brand, she went as far as building it to be a multi-solution provider. In 2016, Omatek Ventures Plc. was approached by the federal government to help tackle the problem of power supply in Nigeria, with the provision of a three phase off grid solar solution.

8. On accomplishments

She had her feet firmly planted in various boards and organisations. In 2015, she was elected as a member of the advisory board of WITSA, thereby retaining Nigeria’s sit on the board.


9. On repositioning Africa

Florence was known for being so passionate about the growth of the African IT industry. At every chance she got, she made sure to vocalize her advocation for Africa. Upon her election into WITSA board, she said “the time is now ripe for Africa to take its pride of place in the scheme of IT development in the world”

10. On her love for SMEs

She lived as a selfless leader who wanted as much success and growth for younger businesses as she did for hers. She was a huge fan of the younger generations and their abilities. Amidst her WITSA proposals was the need for the empowerment of SMEs and availability of internet connectivity for e-learnings in schools.

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