Losing one’s hair and becoming completely bald is surely every woman’s worse nightmare. Here’s how Annette Clark Headley glowed through Alopecia Totalis

Annette was diagnosed in with Alopecia Areata July 2010 and was completely bald by October 31, 2010. And as ironic as it may seem, she runs a holistic haircare and personal wellbeing company called Almond and Avocado Naturals Ltd. Through it Annette works as a complementary therapist specialising in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Hot & Cold Stone Massage and Therapeutic Massage therapies, as well as providing Sisterlocks and natural hair care services. It is also the parent company for her bespoke range of natural products: Almocado Naturals which offers shampoos, conditioners, styling prducts, moisturisers (Skin and hair) alongside aromatic bath and body products.

Losing all her hair to Alopecia in 2010, she was concerned about how it would affect her business, being that no one would want to but hair products from a “bald” woman.

Initially, she wore scarves and wigs to hide the baldness but after 2 years that was beginning to feel very constrictive, she felt like she was hiding and suffocating. and that was when she decided be just who she is and be publicly bald.

Annette has been glowing through what would seem like a major problem, and she has been doing so gracefully. many of us have panic attacks when our hair becomes dry and starts to break. but losing all her hair, Annette has changed the game, owning her beauty and living her dreams hair or no hair. (Oh and living vicariously through her sister and nieces who never fail to tag her to pictures of their new hair dos)

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