Business trips don’t have to be boring always, here’s how to make the most of your trips

As an entrepreneur, business owner or career woman, you probably have to travel for business…a lot. You probably have to set off at least a few times a month — maybe even a few times a week — in order to seal deals, source products or check up on the other branches of your business.

Can you confidently say that all the trips you have embarked on enriched your life in a way? can you actually say that you made the most of you trip? the following tips would help you make the most of any business trip you take.


  • Stay in a lifestyle hotel

Lifestyle hotels give the you a feeling of home – a more luxurious home – while you are out and about. It keeps you energized and comfortable while working

  • Never eat alone 

Spend your meal time with someone else.  Always entertain or try to combine eating and drinking with meeting colleagues and networking or just socializing.

  • Use essential oils for better sleep

“Add 5 to 6 drops of soothing essential oils to your nighttime bath, such as lavender or chamomile, which help to reduce stress and enhance sleep quality

  • Understand cultural norms if travelling internationally

Know that business meetings should be sensitive to cultural norms as well. for example,

For business meetings following Chinese protocol, the scale of the room and seating arrangements are very important. The preference is for a large and impressive room. In a bilateral board meeting, the most senior person from the hosting side will sit in the center of the table and face the door. The invited parties will sit on the opposite side of the table from the host with their backs to the door. The most senior person will also sit in the center across from the host.”

  • Leave your hotel room 

Go out and take advantage of the city you are in, no matter how glamorous it is–or isn’t. Take a few hours or an extra day to explore. You’ll be shocked at what every little place has to offer. This only adds to the sanity of travel. Hotel rooms will make you go crazy.”

Remember; Business trips are about more than business. They are about enlightening your own life. They are about expanding your own professional network. Basically, they are about you!

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