#LLAMoneySeries – 4 Savvy money tips from “Real money answers for every woman” by Patrice C. Washington

Patrice C. Washington

Patrice C. Washington is known as the Money Maven. She is the Founder and CEO of Seek Wisdom Find Wealth, a personal finance training and development firm focused on moving you from debt management to money mastery. Patrice C. Washington has dedicated her life to providing practical advice for women to better manage their finances and take control of their personal wealth. As a featured columnist, television commentator, radio host, author, and speaker, she is the leading authority on personal finance for women and students.

Today, Patrice’s wisdom on money matters has been tapped as a recurring voice by national brands such as NBC, FOX News, Black Enterprise, The Huffington Post, Essence Magazine and more. She’s been profiled by The New York Post, SUCCESS Magazine and Women of Wealth Magazine and is most known as the personal finance voice of the top-rated and nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show where she hosts her own weekly segment, Real Money Answers with Patrice Washington.

Patrice C. Washington is the author of several books one of which is the book titled, “Real Money Answers for Every Woman”. Her goal for writing this book is for every woman to be able to hone their money mindset so that no matter what life throws them, they’re able to bounce back and be better off than they were before. In this book, “Real money answers for every woman”, Patrice Washington shared nuggets of wisdom on living a financially stable and successful life.



“Personal finance success is less about what you know and more about how much of what you know you implement in your daily life”, says Patrice Washington. This is the foundation of personal finance success. True success starts on the inside; the outside is merely the by-product.

Patrice always shares that building wealth has 100% nothing to do with money; it has 100% everything to do with you and your mindset towards money. Your financial success ultimately depends on your thought system and belief about money. Your long term financial success ultimately depends on your short term financial decision-making. 

In this book, Patrice shared that our financial failure is as a result of the financial blueprint handed to us by our parents. The steps to creating a wealthier habit by Patrice Washington include; having a clear goal, declare a purpose, commit to a lifestyle of learning, understand your value, get visual, maintain a grateful spirit, give well to receive well.



“You were born as the solution to someone else’s problem, your true job is to find the prosperity that rests in first finding your purpose” – Patrice Washington.

Though you may struggle in attaining the success that you want for yourself, Patrice advised that there’s still much you can do to empower yourself and improve your position. This is by learning and implementing a little workplace wisdom. 

It is important to engage in what you love, whether you engage in what you love or you work for someone else. This is a certain path to earning more money.  Create a side hustle for yourself, create discipline and balance in your life. Start making money from your hobby by identifying your skillsets and understand the market place.



Being a good steward over your finances means taking care of, and showing respect for what you have now. If you can’t manage a small amount of wisely, then why on earth would you be entrusted with a large sum of money? Even if you got it, consciously or subconsciously, you’d likely find a way to mismanage it.

According to Patrice Washington, Only 20% of personal financial success is head knowledge; the other 80% is behaviour. The first step in managing your money wisely is to show respect for the money you already have. Your financial success has little to do with your income but how you handle your money. One important lesson to be learnt is that smart money management can make you wealthy, no matter how small or large your salary may be.



No matter how well you create wealthy habits, how much more money you earn, or how well you manage your money, you can still find yourself in a financial pickle if you don’t learn to manage the conversations you have about money with the ones you love.  It is important to have conversations about money with people around you so you can settle the different ideologies about money.

Remember, everyone has their financial blueprint and you must take time to ask the right questions while you are in a relationship with someone. Even though the person has a poor financial habit, you can use the following tips to get the person’s financial life back on track. These include; get back to the basics, create a safe space, work as a team, and lead by example. Also, give your child a financial education and instil financial discipline in your child. 


We hope these that tips are resourceful in solving your money problems and also help you to achieve your financial dream. Get the book and read more!!!

Source: Real money answers for every woman by Patrice C. Washington

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