#LLACareerQuestionnaire: Head of Digital Media and Partnerships at Forbes Africa Says Treating People Fairly in the Work Place is Key

Faith, a renewed mindset towards situations, persistence, treating people fairly, a proven track record of professional milestones undergirded in diligence, resourcefulness and integrity… These are some of the lessons we gleaned from Peace Hyde’s (Head of Digital Media and Partnership/West African Correspondent at Forbes Africa) answers to our Career Questionnaire.

What is your number one hack for dealing with difficult colleagues/bosses?

We all have to work with difficult people whether we like to or not. I always believe it is better to let your work do the talking instead of getting into petty squabbles over everything. I deal with them by ensuring I give them absolutely no reason to have a problem with me professionally. Once you do not have any professional grievances, the rest will fall into place. If that does not work, it is always best to let your line manager know about the conflict you are experiencing and find a way to resolve any issues before it affects the work of everyone in the organization. Usually one negative situation is like a cancer that spreads through the entire work place if it is not rooted out.

2 things you do when you are having a bad day?

1. I am an extremely faith driven person and so my faith is the first go to place for any issues I have. I take a second to pray and meditate on God’s word and more often than not, that huge problem you think cannot be resolved somehow doesn’t seem so big.

2. The second thing is to remember that whatever you are going through is temporary. It is only a season and as a result, you cannot let it determine the rest of your day. Your mindset is the most powerful tool you have to overcome any difficulty.

When you are creatively stuck, you…?

I switch off from everything and read inspirational profiles of some of my favourite people. I call them Faith builders and they comprise of people who inspire me to keep pushing the envelope to achieve the best. More often than not, that takes me out of my funk.

2 tips for navigating office politics?

1. Never get emotional. Emotions leads to irrational decision making and usually leads to more office drama.

2. Always treat people fairly in the work place. You have to spend about 80% of your life with the people you work with and that is a really long time. The way you treat them will determine the type of reception you will receive from them.

If you could have a lunch date with one woman you admire – who would that be and what would you ask her?

I would say Michelle Obama. I have a show called Against The Odds on Forbes Woman where we interview Africa’s powerful women and how they achieved success against all odds. I would love to ask Michelle, what has been her greatest struggle in becoming the woman she is and how did she overcome it against all odds, to be the inspiration she is today.

If you could wear the same hairstyle to work everyday, it would be?

Braids. I really love braids even though it is not too good for my hairline.

Your all-time favourite book is…?

The Forbes Africa magazine. It is a monthly book full of inspirational stories from people like us who have overcome remarkable feats to become the success stories they are today. It is real life, original and each story cannot be replicated.

3 greatest career lessons you have learnt on your journey?

Never be scared of failure

You make your own opportunities. Stop waiting on the perfect time to move.

Persistence always beats resistance


About Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde is an award winning producer, TV Host, Motivational speaker and activist. She is also the Head of Digital Media and Partnership as well as the West African Correspondent at Forbes Africa. In her current role, she is responsible for working across the company’s digital platform on revenue and audience growth initiatives as well as the editorial head for the African region. 

Peace Hyde is the creator, producer as well as the host of two leading flagship talk shows, Forbes Africa’s My Worst Day with Peace Hyde(3 seasons), the only show that speaks to Africa’s billionaires and Forbes Woman Africa’s Against the Odds (2 seasons) on the CNBC Africa channel on DSTV reaching over 60 million households in Sub Saharan Africa.

Since moving to Africa for the first time, some five years ago, Hyde has become one of the leading media personalities on the continent hosting some of the biggest shows including MTN Hitmaker in Ghana (X Factor Equivalent), for 3 seasons securing her the coveted title of African broadcaster of the year. Hyde’s work has been featured on CNN, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, Ebony, Fox News, Essence and many more. She was named to the United Nations Most Influential People of African Decent list for 2017 and 2018. Hyde also sits on the judging panel for the prestigious Chivas Venture Fund, which awards social entrepreneurs with up to $2 million investment. 

In 2018, she was shortlisted by President Barrack Obama from a pool of 30,000 African leaders to be part of the 200 Inaugural Obama Foundation Africa Leaders, a recognition that highlights her remarkable work with her education non profit, Aim Higher Africa, which has built over 3000 businesses for grassroots entrepreneurs and created opportunities for millions of unemployed youths in Africa.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram- @peac_hy

Twitter- @peac_hy

Facebook- Peace Hyde

Linked in- Peace Hyde

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