“Leadership is Learnable”- Eunice Nyala, Executive Coach & CEO Etiquette Xllent

Life provides us with opportunities to lead, either in the work place or in the homefront. It also helps that tides are changing politically, economically and socially, hence, more women are now coming fully into their own, honing their creative, entrepreneurial and corporate voices. More women are learning to sit at the table and many others are now open to taking up leadership roles.

Eunice shares leadership and etiquette tips for the ambitious woman, stressing emphatically that leadership is learnable. Leadership is not just positional, leadership is influence and every woman can lead.

More insights on leadership and etiquettes we have learned from Eunice are:

1. Research is a tool kit for Leadership

Research never goes out of style and apart from its obvious advantages, you need research to stay on top of your game. Research on women in top leading positions, what undergirds their ethics, try to emulate them, and acknowledge what makes them stand out.

2. Leadership is not only positional

You can have an executive presence within you that exudes outwardly, it is all about the mindset. You do not necessarily have to wait for an elective position to assume leadership. Leadership is not a position, it is influence.

3. Utilize the power of networking

Be strategic about your networking event choices as it provides opportunities to expand your entrepreneurial/professional circle and build strategic alliances. Research on guests, core speakers, industry’s best hands, ask smart questions and make sure to leave a lasting impression.

4. Dress like a leader

Remember that popular line, “dress the way you want to be addressed”, well, it is still very valid. Be deliberate in your choice of outfit as it can contribute to boosting your confidence. Try to opt for outfits that reflects who you are on the inside. Be authentic in dressing as image is what speaks for you even in your absence.


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