#LadyBossInterview: ”Innovation they say is the father of all businesses while marketing is the mother!”#LLA Meets Lady Boss, Aderonke Onipede, CEO and lead facilitator at Acomms Media Limited.

Aderonke Onipede

Aderonke Onipede is a  trained Business Development manager and is also certified in  various Strategic and Managerial training for NGOs at top lead schools like Lagos Business School, etc. 

She is an author of a non- fictional collection of different life stories book called BEAUTIFUL MEMOIRS

She is  the CEO and lead facilitator at Acomms Media Limited. A marketing and training facility organization for SME businesses, Mental Skills and Character building for children and Recruitment services for SMEs.

She is the host of Aderonke Live Show an Online show that showcases Inspiring Nigerians doing great works (though presently on hold), a radio host, compere, speaker, trainer, an advocate for children, youth and women development. 

She is also the founder and president of the NGO called ONE CHILD, ONE CARE INITIATIVE. An initiative to support less privileged children in Orphanages, Low Income Communities and the society for the past 15years. 

Aderonke has been featured on some of the works of the NGO on Radio, TV, social and print platforms like Plus TV, NTA 10, The Nation Newspaper,  Workbooth, Women and Career, Union Bank Covid Challenge mention and donation, SheLeadsAfrica as top 3 Heroes of 2020 to mention a few.

Leading Ladies Africa: If you could describe yourself with one word, what would it be?

Aderonke Onipede: ENERGETIC

Leading Ladies Africa: Have you ever had any disappointments? If yes, how did you handle it?

Yes, several disappointments in business but will share this because it was my first official lesson in business.

We offer training services and so we had a training on Digital Marketing. Some business owners saw it and wanted me to re-organize another for them even though I do it quarterly so I obliged.

I got the team together and booked the facilitator down because down payment confirms booking for him. I then followed up with the interested participants and they kept confirming their attendance.

Word of mouth? Worst business negotiator!

I have 9intending participants booked, only 3 showed up and those were the ones who registered a day or two to the training on referrals. The participants the training was created for didn’t show up. So I learnt payment confirms booking the hard way.

Aderonke Onipede

Leading Ladies Africa: How do you stay innovative as an entrepreneur? 

Aderonke Onipede: Innovation they say is the father of all businesses while marketing is the mother.

I started the business shortly after Covid lock down and it was majorly focused on facility rental and training.

However, because of the Covid’19 and its challenges we had very low sales, so we re-strategized.

We had a targeted market survey of our neighbourhood and evaluated our target market. So the goal is to bring up new services but still in line with the business vision and goals.

Most training companies had their courses online and many corporate organisations preferred it to physical training due to Covid’19 and of course reducing cost as well.

So, we had to refocus from Organizations to SMEs and also to families. For the families we targeted the children who were into Computers or loved creating stuff.

We then began Coding for children which is one of the top soft skills in the Tech world. Every 6months we review our performance and look at the business which is thriving more, why and if not, why? 

And from the evaluation of the business, we also look at how to make it perform better or re-channel the solution to a different market.


Leading Ladies Africa: And Your Plans for your business In Five Years?

Aderonke Onipede: To be the renowned training facility and training organization in business in Lagos with branches in top 5 locations in Lagos and top 3 cities in Nigeria – Ibadan, Abuja, PH and 2 West African Countries.

Also be the leading Mannerism & Character Club for children in Lagos and among the Top 5 sought after recruiting companies in Nigeria. 


Leading Ladies Africa: Tips on how you handle when the going gets tough?

Aderonke Onipede: Firstly, I remind myself that what can’t breathe can’t control me and what I can’t control I let it be.

  1. I take time to seek God’s face for guidance 
  2. I write out the challenge and how I think I can resolve it and I share it with my hubby who is also my business partner.

If I need further support, I seek support from safe places that I am sure won’t use me as a public project. 

  1. Then, I take it one step at a time, trusting that tomorrow is another privilege to see how I can overcome.


Leading Ladies Africa: Final words to entrepreneurs who want to go into this industry and women in our community?

Aderonke Onipede: If you are still in paid employment, serve well with your whole heart and be genuine about it. You will need the lessons when you start yours.

If you are not resilient and humble to seek support or sales not as a beggar but as a determined goal setter, don’t leave your paid job yet. Get all the don’t and mental skills you need.

Entrepreneurship is beyond passion and to live for what you do, you need people and skills to succeed. People as your customers and that can come in different settings.

Never assume you know enough, keep getting knowledge about the industry and other relevant skills for the business.

And for every woman out there, let go of the desperation to be seen or heard, let your works speak for you.

Take time to build yourself up, build strong networks and most importantly build a strong connection to God and you will achieve more than you can ever imagine. 


The LLA Lady Boss Series is a weekly interview series that highlights the achievements and entrepreneurial journeys of African female entrepreneurs. The idea is to showcase the Leading Ladies who are transforming Africa and the African narrative through enterprise and business.

It is an off-shoot of Leading Ladies Africa, a non-profit that promotes leadership, inclusion and diversity for women of African descent.

If you know any kick-ass women of African Descent doing phenomenal things in enterprise, email lead@leadingladiesafrica.org, and she could possibly be featured.


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