#Impact&CommunitySeries: “Courage is not the absent fear, it’s taking necessary actions inspite of what we Feel” – Tolulope Tunde-Ajiboye, Founder, Blooming Amazons Ministry (BLAM).

Photo Credit: Tolulope Tunde- Ajiboye

Tolulope Tunde Ajiboye is a dynamic speaker and Founder of Blooming Amazons  Ministry (BLAM), a for-purpose ministry that is focused on supporting women to  discover and live in the reality of being ALL that God has called them to be. With the Platform BLAM, she organizes conferences and seminars for young women particularly between the ages of 22 and 40 for knowledge impartation and spiritual nourishment with the aim of challenging them to live up to their full potential and contribute their quota to transforming the societies and the world at large. 

In June 2018, Tolulope Tunde-Ajiboye was named Next Generation Female Leader by African women in leadership organization amongst several awards, recognition, and feature on National dailies. Her recently published book “Undaunted” has been christened the testament of God’s love and His redemptive ability to wield our pains, mistakes, betrayals and build a masterpiece out of it. Her life’s goal is to stir up an awakening in women, both young and old to live at their best. 


Tell us about, Tolulope Tunde – Ajiboye?

First of all, I’m a Jesus Girl. Wife, Mother, Banker, Entrepreneur (Events Planner). I’m also the founder of Blooming Amazons BLAM.

Can you share with us what Blooming Amazons Ministry (BLAM) is all about? 

Blooming Amazons is a Faith based Non- Profit that encourages young women to live their best lives inspite of their past, present or the odds that might be against them. We achieve this by organizing conferences and seminars, where we have inspiring women who have walked the path share their own journey to becoming the “success” they are today. It’s also a platform for purposeful networking, support and community engagement.

Photo Credit: Tolulope Tunde- Ajiboye

Motivation and Inspiration behind founding BLAM?

I would like to say BLAM is a call, without sounding spooky, I believe It’s an assignment God has given me. There’s a need for the right kind of mentorship in my Generation and I have been raised to be bridge that gap at a time such as this.

Measured impact and achievements since BLAM was founded?

We have been able to touch thousands of lives through our conferences both online and offline, many of whom are walking in purpose now, we also have a community where they can fall back to for encourage and mentorship.

Photo Credit: Tolulope Tunde- Ajiboye

Challenges and Lessons learnt

One major Challenge was Fear. How was it going to be, what if I don’t get the desired response, so many “what ifs” , but I have learnt that courage is not the absent fear, it’s taking necessary actions inspite of what we feel. The courageous might not live forever but the fearful don’t live at all. We all need some degree of courage to live a purposeful life.

There are also the naysayers and those who literally want to just tear you down, but this is where focus comes in. I see naysayers as distractions and we need not pay too much attention to them. We should be so consumed in living a full life that we don’t have the luxury of time to whine over them.

I look back today and wonder what would have happened if I didn’t step out in obedience walking on water; that’s the thing, you never know what is on the other side of your obedience and the so many other lives tied to it until you obey.

Memorable moments and highlight in the course of your journey with BLAM?

The most memorable moments and highlights of this journey would have to be the very first conference. I was obviously trembling, like if you came close to me, you would have seen me shaking, but I still forged ahead. We had it at Shehu Musa Yaradua Centre, one of the most sort after event centres here in Abuja, Hall was full to capacity and running over, the support, the good-will was overwhelming and most importantly the feedbacks. I was so thankful I didn’t let fear stop me.

Another highlight was hosting Mrs Ibukun Awosika, I mean, she’s one woman I admire so much and when I had the nudge to ask her to speak at our conference, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Especially because I had quite a number of older platforms say they had tried to get her speak on their platform but her schedule hasn’t been able to accommodate it, then we lived in different cities, but then again, I reached out anyway.

You can imagine the joy when I got a call from her office to say she had received my letter and would be glad to be a part of the work we are doing.

Photo Credit: Tolulope Tunde- Ajiboye

What is most fulfilling about the impact you make and your thoughts about fears and giving up?

For me fulfillment is seeing that other women are able to launch out because I gave them the courage to. We must never ever, I will say that again in CAPS, WE MUST NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, ask anyone who is doing anything significant in any sector at all, they will tell you they had several reasons to give up, but chose not to.

Our lives are truly not ours, but a gift from God and what we do with it is our gift back to Him.

With how far you’ve come, and your success, what achievements do you hope for in the next 5 years?

Hmmmm, as unconventional as this might sound, I honest don’t have a five-year plan. My life is totally surrendered to the one who owns it and I will have do what He will have me do with it. Off course, I can trust that His plans for me are of good and not evil to  bring me to an expected end.

Photo Credit: Tolulope Tunde- Ajiboye

Can you share briefly, some women you consider mentors?

I love Michelle Obama, Ibukun Awosika, Tara Durotoye to mention a few. I’m purposeful about living a life of balance, and these women represent that for me.

Do you have a life philosophy, personal mantra perhaps that keeps you steady when the going gets tough?

Yes I have 2; one my husband schooled me on, which is never toll the path of least resistance. This is to say don’t back off at the face of opposition.

The other is: Undaunted which happens to be the title of my book. Living the life you were created to live in spite of the challenges and set-backs against you.

Photo Credit: Tolulope Tunde- Ajiboye

Your thoughts on the importance of community impact?

No community can really thrive depending only of government. It’s easy to criticize, but we all have to contribute our quota to making our community what we want it to be. We can’t keep passing the ball. We have to take ownership. A light bulb in gross darkness can’t do much but when we all bring our light bulbs together, there is no darkness we can’t overcome. We are not called to shine differently but collectively.


The LLA Grassroot Series is a monthly interview series that highlights the achievements and journey of African female who has demonstrated exemplary initiative at the grassroots level.

The vision is to showcase the Leading Ladies who are transforming Africa and the African narrative through impact at the community level.

It is an off-shoot of Leading Ladies Africa, a non-profit that promotes leadership, inclusion and diversity for women of African descent.

If you know any kick-ass women of African Descent doing phenomenal things at the grassroots level, email lead@leadingladiesafrica.org, and she could possibly be featured.


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