“I grew up in a home where finances were openly and regularly discussed.” Slaying That Budget With “The Budgetnista”- Tiffany Odochi Aliche

Prada bags, Lancome lipstick, Cambodian weave, LV dress, expensive ray bans, luxurious getaways and the list is endless. Most of us want that life. The shop-without-thinking-of-my-bank-account-life. Now, this in itself is not bad but wishing for this kind of life without a commensurate knowledge of how to sustain it is pointless. See why financial literacy is super important? and why you need a “Tiffany” in your corner?

Generally, Women find it hard to practice good financial behaviour. Why that is so is a mystery. But if we are sincere though, it is because we have so many needs and there are so many options to choose from in meeting those needs. In a bid to live large, we often fail to educate ourselves on finances till a financial strain that hits us smack dab in the face sets in. Well, fortunately, one woman of colour is set right on a mission to create a positive and measurable lifestyle shift for women through financial education.

Tiffany Odochi Aliche popularly known as “The Budgetnista” is an American based, Nigerian award-winning teacher of financial empowerment and the founder of the LIVE RICHER Challenge and the Dream Catchers, a community of over 500,000 women worldwide that work together to improve their lives through financial education. Her specialty is in the delivery of financial literacy.

Over the years, since 2008, The Budgetnista, has specialised in the delivery of financial education which includes seminars, workshops and trainings. She has served as the personal finance education expert for City National Bank and has been a brand ambassador and spokesperson for a number of organisations. Tiffany is also the Author of two #1 Amazon bestsellers, The One Week Budget and Live Richer Challenge She writes on personal finance for The Huffington Post and U.S. News and World Report and has worked with major companies. She has been featured on The New York Times, Reuters, US News and World Report, the TODAY show, PBS, Fox Business, MSNBC, CBS Money Watch Forbes and Time’s Magazine.

Need help with slaying that budget? Reach out to Tiffany

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