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Adetola Kunle-Hassan Nubian skin

Adetola Kunle-Hassan, better known as Ade Hassan, founded lingerie brand Nubian Skin in 2014. It was no surprise that the Nigerian Brit would become an entrepreneur. Raised by two parents in business, Hassan started her career in finance. In an interview with Elle, she lets on that is was encouraging words from a friend that sparked her venture into the lingerie business. “A really good friend, and at that point, the only non-family member with whom I’d shared my dream of Nubian Skin, sent me a birthday card with a message saying she loved the idea and hoped to see me on the cover of Forbes one day. The next day, I registered the company and started the trademark process,” she shared with Leah Melby Clinton. “It was as if a switch had flipped, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.” But even in her excitement, she never anticipated the resounding response to her work.

“I thought people would be interested, but I never expected the amount of support or the amount of press attention we received. It’s been a real blessing for which I’m truly grateful,” she said on Abina.com. Success was eminent, as Nubian Skin speaks to every woman who has purchased a “nude” undergarment and realized it was matched to someone else’s nude. We come in all hues, and so should our lingerie. Adetola Kunle-Hassan has matched her piece to four skin tones—Cafe Au Lait; the lightest shade, Caramel, Cinnamon and Berry; the darkest.

Nubian Skin currently has stockists in Europe, North America, Africa and the Caribbean. Adetola Kunle-Hassan’s advice to new black entrepreneurs is “to believe in your idea,” she told OfficialBlackWallStreet.com. “Be 100 percent behind it because you’re going to be putting your heart and soul into it. Certainly make sure it’s a quality product. The fashion industry is incredibly competitive so if something doesn’t look right or feel right, people will let you know pretty quickly. And then just be true to whatever your ethos is…Take feedback but don’t lose your own goals and what’s important to you.”

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