Genevieve Nnaji’s “LionHeart” Makes a Case for a New Nigeria and the Possibilities The Girl Child Represents

Lionheart a 2018 Nigerian movie produced by Chinny Onwugbenu and directed by Genevieve Nnaji tells the story of Adaeze Obiagu (portrayed by Genevieve Nnaji), who wants to take over the management as well as oversee the executive processes of the family company following health complications suffered by her father ‘Ernest Obiagu’ (portrayed by Nollywood veteran Pete Edochie), who hitherto had been in charge of running and managing the company.

Her father instead hands over the company to his brother ‘God’swill Obiagu’ (portrayed by Nkem Owoh) entrusting it’s management to him and his daughter. Together, Godswill and Adaeze work tirelessly to save the company from ruin and especially from being sold to a shrewd business man ‘Igwe Pascal’ (portrayed by Nollywood Veteran Kanayo O. Kanayo).

If you have seen the movie you have to agree that it’s intelligence and futuristic implications is what we mean when we say we hope for a “New Nigeria”. Every line and scene has a deep meaning, and if you are quite in tune with the possibilities Nigeria as a country represents (projecting what can exist based on predictions from the current clime) you should gather round and give Genevieve Nnaji, the cast and crew all the accolades they deserve ??.

To put together a movie that tackles long-standing& current societal issues and not just stopping there but infusing solutions, filling the minds of the audience with thoughts and images of what can be, what should be obtainable if they are willing to change first as individuals and then next collectively as a society is nothing short of awesome!

Issues like “Gender Equality”, “The place of the Girl Child” and her capabilities, “Tribalism”, taking choices and making tough career decisions without giving sentiments a place down to the solid depiction of family values obtainable in certain ethnicities and its importance were represented.

The choice of the cast was solid. Genevieve understands that to act is an art but to represent specific themes to incite change and ensure your audience can see themselves in your characters is a completely different ART!

Lionheart is what we call revolutionary thinking!

Here are 10 lessons to muse over from this movie:

  1. Solving a problem, first requires you to understand its cause. If you do not understand why something is you cannot sustainably create a solution for it.
  2. If the girl child is equipped with privileges and the same set of opportunities as the male child, she can do and be anything she sets her mind to.
  3. Be open to change, and for change to happen, you must first prepare your mind to embrace it.
  4. You can build a legacy through hardwork, persistence. Shortcuts have never produced sustainable success. Do the time, do the work and trust the process.
  5. In Lion Heart, we could project a possible union between two different tribes, indicating the death of tribal marital division or tribal wars.
  6. Genevieve made a case for Africa’s rich culture. EVERY costume depicted Africanness! This just goes on to reiterate why it is important to wear Africa and quite proudly too.
  7. Parents need to learn to embrace the career decisions of their children and help them pursue dreams.
  8. Women are and can be MORE . We have to learn to place value on the worth of the woman. As a woman, you should take a step further by not waiting for psychological permission to handed to you before you wear your worth. You must know your worth and act accordingly.
  9. Listening and taking the advice of others and making it count should not be underemphasised. Being opinionated is great, understanding that peoples opinions are really just that- opinions is quite great but the ‘B’ word balance! You must understand the balance.
  10. Women and men in power can learn a thing or FIVE on how they should treat their employees and staff! It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, treat your staff right.



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