How Folasade Bamisaye created biodegradable menstrual pads to protect women and the planet

Moved by the way women and girls from rural communities resort to the use of unhygienic materials when their period comes because they cannot afford to buy sanitary pads, Folasade Bamisaye, a social entrepreneur passionate about menstrual hygiene for girls and women of reproductive age and the woman behind MyPeriod Kit, created the Green Pad product as a more hygienic alternative for them. 

Green Pad is fully biodegradable within six months and it is made from banana and plantain tree fibers, which farmers would have otherwise considered to be waste. Not only is it affordable, it also generate extra income for the plantain farmers. 

The best thing about Green Pad has to be that it allows women and young girls to continue with their lives when their period comes. Usually in developing countries. girls often miss school during their period and because they are frequently absent from school, they are unable to complete their education. Green Pad also helps to reduce the health risks associated with using unhygienic materials such as rags, foams or tissue paper. 


We love the way the Green Pad product aims to improve menstrual hygiene and reproductive health by giving these girls an alternative that is also respectful of the environment.

Thanks to her innovativd product, Folasade is now a finalist in the Chivas Venture competition! 

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