Emmanuella Bolouere Akinrinde:I derive my fulfillment from knowing I have helped one single person in one way or another.


“I derive my fulfillment from knowing I have helped one single person in one way or another” says Emmanuella Bolouere Akinrinde who is Nigerian from Bayelsa state and married to a Yoruba man. 

Emmanuella is an ex-beauty queen, “The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Ecowas 2017”. Her reign as the MBGN Ecowas “17 fostered her passion for helping people, this therefore birthed her foundation, “The Girl Power Foundation Nigeria”, an NGO that has impacted thousands of lives across Nigeria. 

She is a brand influencer and digital content creator and has worked with over 20 brands on her Instagram page and over 40 brands overall. In her spare time, she loves to create contents.  

Emmanuella is also a youtuber and has a growing YouTube channel named “Life with Ella Akins”, which she has used as a channel to put up vlogs on various activities, contents and discussions. 

With the help of her platforms Emmanuella says “I love to help mums through my platforms, I always look forward to sharing tips and advice and things I Learn as I go through my motherhood journey.”  

Speaking on her purpose she says “Everyday, I strive to be a person of positive impact or influence, I think of how I can contribute to the society in my own little way. I derive my fulfillment from knowing I have helped one single person in one way or another.” 

 She believes that being a content creator is fun at the same time it can be tasking, she says “ One has to think of how to pass messages and information across in entertaining but still educative ways. It requires a lot of critical thinking, attention to details and efficiency”. 

Emmanuella believes that she social media space is fast evolving, and as a creator you need to keep up with the pace. 

Speaking on her major challenges in the industry, Emmanuella says “Personally, one of my major challenges is having to be constantly be available. I haven’t been able to take breaks, I can’t just go off for months because it is now my job. Also, I have to constantly create or post contents to keep my followers engaged and for brands to keep seeing what I do and how well I do it, which can be really exhausting. I find myself staying up late or staying up all night to edit contents because I have a schedule or timeline to keep up with.” 

Highlighting more her challenges she says “People or vendors trying to underprice your craft.” 

 However, speaking on her content creation journey she says “I began this as a hobby, for me it wasn’t content creation then, it was just me bringing my activities to my timeline. I used to be a full-time model, so my BTS and portraits made up my contents. When I lost my Instagram page in 2020, I started a new one and just wanted to share my family’s contents on it. But I had so much engagements and I had a few people who sent messages to ask for my rates. So, I decided to take it up and start creating contents for brands.” 

Emmanuella made content creation a major income source when she decided to quit her job to stay home with her baby. She therefore had to put in more efforts to ensure she gave her best to every brand she worked with. 

Speaking on what drives her, Emmanuella says “The passion and drive are something I’ve always had naturally. I love being in front of the camera, playing dress-up and expressing myself through music and dance. Also, I’m not one to never be involved in anything, being idle just doesn’t suit me. Whenever I think of something new, or see a trend I like, I won’t rest until I bring it to life.”  

She also believes that she constantly has the urge to also share information, knowledge or something funny to people. 

Highlighting more her major challenges in the industry Emmanuella says “I haven’t had the privilege of having female mentors in my career yet. Although I admire and learn from some creators on Instagram like Jalisa Vaughn, Liane Benjamin and Brock Johnson. I’ve also taken paid classes with Naijabrandchick and o learn a lot from her page also. I learn a lot from these people everyday and apply new things from them to my contents.” 

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