Coudy Binta De runs a Tech hub to promote IT Jobs for women in Senegal.

Coudy Binta De is an IT professional with a mission to spread the wealth of tech jobs among other women in her nation. As a young girl, Ms. De became enthralled with the world of computers, which has culminated in her and three other women running a tech hub for women.

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She noticed that African women are vastly underrepresented globally in the information technology sector, with just 30 percent of that group holding tech jobs.

To help boost the number of women in Senegal’s IT sector, Ms De and three fellow female computer engineers have decided to take matters in to their own hands and set up the country’s first technology hub run by and for women. The hub is called, Jjiguene Tech Hub – Jjiguene meaning “woman” in Wolof, the most widely spoken language in Senegal.


At the hub, its earnest residents, predominantly women in their 20s, have spread themselves across five sparsely furnished rooms. Some of the women are there to learn, while others are working on their own entrepreneurial ideas.

The Jjiguene center trains women on various computer programs for free, and they also visit elementary and secondary schools to train young girls as well.


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