#LadyBossInterview: “Being able to see how far you’ve come is an essential part of moving forward in the direction of your goals” Latrice Littleton, Founder & Creative Director, Ardor Bin

Latrice Littleton is the Founder and Creative Director of Ardor Bin, a luxury candle brand founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2017, and made with the highest quality of all natural soy wax.
Ardor Bin candles are elegantly crafted fragrances, and sustainable wood wicks, designed to add a touch of warmth and tranquility to any living space. As our lady boss for the week, we had a chat with Littleton, and you’re sure to learn a thing and two.

It’s great to have you on LLA, so tell us a little bit about “Latrice Littleton” and the Ardor Bin brand?

Thank you for having me! The first thing that can help to explain a bit about myself is that I’m an artist at heart. I’m really moved by anything that involves creativity and artistic expression. I started making home fragrances as another creative hobby. I really wanted to stay true to the all-natural and organic lifestyle that I’ve created for myself and my family. So, I spent sixteen months learning how to make natural candles, and quickly realized that there was a major need in the marketplace for healthier home fragrance options.

What does the name “Ardor Bin” means? And why did you choose it?

The name Ardor Bin literally translates to “container of passion”. Ardor Bin was founded with the original signature candle. The idea was to have a clean, minimalistic candle container that expresses a naturally sleek and clean design. My passion for sustainable living is what inspired the name.

What inspired you to go into this line of business?

I felt that there was a definite need for it. Candles bring light, scent, and personality to living spaces. They are a true interior staples. I felt that paying close attention to what the candles are made of (ingredients) is just as important as their aesthetic.

What inspires the creativity behind your candles? And how do you get inspirations to create different scents?

Nature and well-being are at the center of what inspires scent creation for me. I want customers to light an Ardor Bin candle and be taken to a familiar place in nature. Seas, land, skies, herbs, and landscapes, play a huge role in generating scent ideas.

What latest innovation have you introduced to your business?

I’ve been able to perfect all of the necessary elements of sustainable candle-making. Proper scent throw, clean fragrance, all natural wax, and wicks that are clean burning and calming. This is my idea of the perfect candle. I was very conscious of the interior design aesthetic as well. The idea is to never have conflict between a customer’s home décor and the candle design. Ardor Bin candles fit perfectly into any living space.

What will you say has been the highlight of your journey so far as an entrepreneur?

I’m really enjoying the journey. Things are also moving and ever-changing when you’re running a business. I’m trying to appreciate the highs and the lows. Right now, my biggest highlight has been the loving reception of my products in various marketplaces. I’m very proud of the brand that I’ve created.

What would you say is responsible for your success?

I think that quality control has played a large role in Ardor Bin’s growth and success. I’m big on taking surveys, asking questions, and taking suggestions from my consumers. I’m not above recognizing when something can be better.

Have you faced challenges as an entrepreneur? What’s kept you going?

Many. Many things can go wrong, and they do. The biggest lesson is to correct mistakes early on so that you can create and streamline processes that will strengthen your business and eliminate repeat issues.

Any future projections for your business?

Right now, we are taking a grassroots approach to stocking Ardor Bin candles at both small and large retail spaces. We’re steadily acquiring stockists in the U.S. and beyond. By the end of 2020, my hope is to have global fulfillment options, and to expand our on-line presence. I’m also planning to add a bit of fun and color to some of our new fragrance collections.

Is there something you know and have learnt now, that you wish you knew early on in your business? Care to share?

Yes, have fun! When I shifted my idea of what running a business “should” look like, I was surprised to find that I was a much better leader and creator when I brought the fun back into my day-to-day tasks. This is when you can really enjoy and appreciate the process. Otherwise, you will never feel that you’re doing enough. Being able to see how far you’ve come is an essential part of moving forward in the direction of your goals.

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