9 Things We Learnt From Samke Mhlongo About Personal Finance.

Some people get a divorce and they become millionaires, some others get a divorce and life slaps reality into them.

In 2014, Samke Mhlongo got a divorce and was confronted with the reality of what it means to be prudent.

Having learnt significantly how to manage and master her finances, She now earns a living teaching what she lives. Wealth coach, financial literacy expert and very recently referred to by CNBC as a “personal finance goddess”, here are 9 things we have learnt from Samke.1. Being rich means your income exceeds your expenses.
2. It is one thing to be rich, it is another thing to have the power to create wealth.
3. Financial literacy is underrated in Africa and there is a dearth of people lending voices to the cause of financial education.
4. To create wealth, you must have multiple streams of income.
5. Discipline is a must on your personal finance journey.
6. Every opportunity shouldn’t be met with instant financial investment. Scrutinise and ask questions before investing in any venture.
7. You must learn how to say NO without feeling guilty.
8. A money journal will help you track your spending’s.
9. Accountability is so important. Be accountable to someone- a financial advisor, lawyer, psychologist, friend. It is important you have someone who can call out your financial excesses.

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