7 reasons why we love Elizabeth Osho

Liz Osho, formerly Liz Awoliyi is a fabulous writer, detailed strategist and a social media expert. Liz wowed as the Online Manager at Genevieve Magazine before setting up So.Me Solutions, a digital agency that specializes in presenting small businesses to the world using social media and digital marketing. With a broad range of clients including South African Tourism, Liz is definitely shattering ceilings.


We love her dynamic personality and today, i’ve put together 7 reasons why we love Liz Osho. Read below.

  • Liz got married at 32, and she wasn’t ashamed about it. We know that being 27 or 28 and unmarried in this part of the world is usually a bone of contention and a topic for the family meeting. But this queen owned her story and went on to inspire other women with it.
  • She is one of the few people who have show faith in our country. She left London back to Lagos to look for greener pastures. How ironic right? She moved back to lagos and she says If she could sum up 2017 in one word it will be #GROWTH.
  • She teaches us that integrity rules the world and that Integrity will connect the dots!


  • Her personality is inspiring in every way. She never holds back on advice that is beneficial to others. Her writing are easily relatable and infused with a lot of knowledge.
  • Her style game gets a 100% score from me! She believes that fashion is a trend and style lives within. And her style radiates from the deepest parts of her.
  • She teaches us that reputation is everything. A good reputation is the most tangible and marketable asset; you cannot buy it. It must be earned.
  • We learn from Liz everyday to be organized. She believes that, to be successful you need to be organized and detailed, always looking at the bigger picture.

Liz is a barrier breaker, her passion, zeal and positive energy is contagious. We love her and she inspires us everyday.

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