6 Things InspiredByGlory taught us about the power of networking

Glory Edozien is the founder of ‘9to5chick’. a platform that enables women advance their careers by connecting them to mentors to discuss strategies for rising to the top.

She is also the brain behind the inspire series. She created this platform when she observed that Women and African women in particular face many peculiar struggles. Society in some way conforms us and decides who we ‘should’ be, where we are ‘supposed’ to work, when we should marry and have children. She also observed that there were women blazing the trail and doing extraordinary things.


She decided to explore the lives of these women and in turn inspire other women and help them to leave behind the mundane definitions of what society dictates women should be.

Inspired by Glory teaches us about the power of networking too, and we decided to share with you today, 6 things we learnt from inspired by glory. Read below.TCD_8957-400x600-400x600


  • We meet people for a reason, either they are a blessing or a lesson, whichever way, there is an impact on our lives
  • Networking opens us to possibilities of acheiving our goals.
  • Networking is a process of building relationships and the strongest relationship are built over time.
  • Every contact is important
  • Knowing more people gives you greater access, and it makes it easier for you to influence others. as influencing people you know is easier than influencing others
  • No one is a total stranger. Networking doesn’t begin or end at a networking event. It can happen anywhere and humility will create a better atmosphere for relationships to be built.

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