6 things Betty Irabor has taught us about re-invention


Betty Irabor is a role model to very many young ladies who want to flow with their dreams. She encourages ladies not only to dream big, but to flow with their dreams. This Queen just turned 60 in February 2017, but she would definitely pass for 25 year old. 😉

Betty Irabor has taught us many priceless lessons on career, relationship, love, marriage, parenting, infertility, insecurities and low self-worth, well-being, depression, menopause, failure and success, God and spirituality, and more. She also teaches us about re-invention and today, we’re sharing some of those lessons with you.


We hope they help you and keep you inspired to take life by the horns and live to the fullest.

  • Focus on letting go of the past and embracing the future. Letting go means don’t focus your energy on what is behind you and focus rather on how to recreate the opportunity you lost.
  • Regrets are draining; they don’t allow you grow and re-ignite.
  •  Life should not be lived in bitterness because our journey here has an expiry date.. we must strive to be better, not bitter with each step of the journey.
  • Let God be at the center of your life always. Make the main thing the main thing..then and only then can you stay fab.
  • Humility is not a sign of weakness neither is arrogance a sign of strength.

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