5 Things Linda Ikeji is Teaching Us About Entrepreneurship.

Serial Entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji is no doubt steadily adding more ventures to her niche. She is popularly known as a Blogger, Writer, Television& Radio Producer and has very recently been conferred an Honorary Doctorate Degree for her contributions to African Media by the Trinity International University of Ambassadors, Georgia.

Linda has proven to us that niches doesn’t have to be about a sole interest but can and should be expanded from time to time to accommodate and explore other interests while retaining your authenticity and voice.

Here are FIVE things she is teaching us about entrepreneurship:

1. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted
That you quit your 9-5 to make money out of your passion doesn’t mean you won’t put in the work required to strengthen your business. From Linda, we have learnt that you have to put in a whole lot of HARDWORK. Success will not just happen for you because you started a business, you have to work for it.

2. Knowledge and Passion are mutually inclusive
Passion alone doesn’t produce results, neither does it mean knowledge. For entrepreneurship, you must be passionate and knowledgeable about your craft. Linda, didn’t just start a company rooted in passion, she had to add something extra to it – KNOWLEDGE

Study the business patterns of those that have gone ahead of you in that industry, what are you going to do differently? How are you going to do it differently? What is the demography of your audience? Is your business solving problems or just creating alternatives for already existing structures? What values do you want your brand to represent? What structures are you putting in place to ensure that?

3. Delegation
There is a myth that states that being a visionary means you have to do it all. That is so untrue. That you are the visionary doesn’t mean you have to do everything. The greater part of the work in terms of reiterating the vision of your business might constantly be at your door but giving executive expression to the vision doesn’t have to be done by you all the time.

It is okay to get help.

So go ahead and get help because you will need it. No one builds an empire alone. Ask Linda, she definitely knows.

4. A woman really can have it all
That line up there? So true! It is possible for beauty, brains and character to co-exist in one person. It is possible to run that company, be a good mom and wife. Your dreams REALLY are valid and you really can have it all. You may have to define your ‘all’ and maybe not have your ‘all’ at the same time but you can indeed have it all.

5. Confidence
It might sound cliché but you must be confident if you must be an entrepreneur and basically anything of lasting relevance. The naysayers might try to talk down on your pursuits or water down your achievements.

Their criticism matter only as much as you allow it to. For entrepreneurship, you must have a backbone, a tough skin and a tender heart.

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