5 reasons we absolutely adore Gabrielle Union!

Gabrielle Union is that girl! 

Actress, author, mom, and wife. Gabrielle Union is someone that does it all and does it well! And you bet she’s one of our favourite girls here at LLA. 

We could go on and on about all the reasons we love Gaby, but we’ve managed to put everything into five primary reasons.


1. One word. Talented!

Gabrielle is a symbol of black female excellence. Her movie resume is not one to trifle with. From Bring it on in 2000, where she gave us moves like no other, to Bad Boys II, She’s All That, Think like a man, Think like a man too, and Cradle 2 Grave, Gabrielle has seen it all and done it all!

Gabrielle completely transforms into her characters, so much so that we can hardly tell where the actress ends and the character begins. Talk about dedication and commitment!

When we are not watching one of her movies, we are reading one of her books. You bet our girl is a bestselling author! Her book, We’re going to need more wine, a New York bestseller, is a book that lets us into her journey so far. Gabrielle told her story and owned it! 


2. She is a survivor 

TW: Talk of sexual assault/Rape

One of the worst things that could happen to a human is sexual assault, and heartbreakingly, that happened to Gabrielle. 

She has firmly rejected the tag of ‘victim’ and embraces the term ‘survivor’. Gabrielle has refused to let the incident take anything more from her and has talked about it on talk shows like Red Table Talk. 


3. She’s raising one of the internet’s favourite girls

Kaavia Union-Wade

Kaavia! We could bet our (nonexistent) millions that you have seen a picture of Kaavia online, whether you knew it was her. 

Kaavia is a meme queen, and nobody is touching that crown! Her ‘so done with you’ look is something she got from Gabrielle!

When Kaavia is not rolling her eyes at her social media fandom, she is the sweetest kid you have ever seen. Her ‘You’re so beautiful’ should probably come as an alarm ringtone.

Needless to say, we are gaga about Kaavia!


4. Our girl loves hard!

We see it on social media in her interactions with her husband, Dwayne Wade, her daughter, and stepkids! 

We also read about it in her book in her interactions with her friends. Gabrielle does not hold back when giving her heart out! 


5. She’s all about women for women

Gabrielle is a grand champion for women- especially black women! Her WCW series on her Instagram page highlights and celebrates several women she admires and who excel in their respective fields.

She has also been open about getting over the feeling of competition, emphasising that there is space for every single one of us women.


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