Kovini Moodley: Founder, Boss Babes of South Africa

Kovini Moodley

Tell us about yourself

I’m Kovini, and I hail from a small town south of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal; I currently live in Johannesburg and practice as a Chartered accountant. I am deeply passionate about uplifting others and contributing to society in a meaningful manner. I’m an animal lover and a change Activist, and I spend my time advocating for those who may not be powerful enough to utilise their voices.


What is Boss Babes of South Africa about?

Boss Babes of South Africa is a force to be reckoned with as one of the leading Philanthropic platforms in South Africa.

This brainchild idea stemmed from a need to share skills and knowledge, just as South Africa experienced its first-ever lockdown in March 2020.

The movement has social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, celebrating female leaders and inspiring people to live their best and most authentic lives.


What led to the initiative?

There is a need for women to uplift other women and support each other.

I wanted to change the narrative of women tearing each other down and celebrate a network of supportive queens all cheering each other on!


As a change activist, would you say Africa is different from what it was five years ago as regards women in leadership, business, etc.?

I believe that we have made many strides towards progressive thinking and celebrating women. Still, pandemics such as high unemployment rates, gender-based violence etc., can stagnate the progress made in SA.

We need collaborative solutions to mend these challenges, and they will contribute positively.


What’s your take on South African women in leadership?

I believe that leadership starts with self-belief, and self-confidence fuels self-belief. Women need to build confidence to own their power in spaces that may not be familiar with the value that they bring to environments that they occupy.


Getting women to be empowered in this part of the world can be difficult; why and how do you think we can overcome this?

Self-empowerment is the key to feeling like an empowered woman. It’s the daily Affirmations that we tell our all selves and the steps we take daily to solidify our presence in the world. Empowerment is a personal journey for me and relies on your mindset and your need to make a difference in the world. No one can make you feel empowered, and it’s a concept and a feeling you have to mould for yourself by owning your power.


You’re an animal lover, fashion enthusiast and fitness influencer. Are these the only things we would find you doing when you’re not making women boss babes?

Kovini, the fitness enthusiast

I’m a busybody, so an exciting social calendar always awaits me outside work; I enjoy various activities. It’s a truly fulfilling experience to integrate all parts into a seamless and exciting life.


What would you say to our South African community?

We as women need to seek out our inner power and unique skills and utilise it to drive communities, initiatives and ourselves forward. We all hold unique gifts within us, and leveraging those gifts is key to living a life of authenticity!

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