5 Questions to ask before hiring a remote employee

The hiring process is usually stressful and draining, especially when it involves a remote employee. Although hiring a remote employee is a great idea as it mainly saves you the expense of acquiring an office space.

Remote Employee

As amazing as the idea of hiring a remote employee is, it has its own perks which can affect the efficiency and productivity of your business. The following questions would help you better understand why you need a remote employee and if the idea of working in a virtual environment is best for you.

  • Are you clear on the role you want your prospective employee to handle? When the job description for the position is vague or not detailed, it is easy for the person to goof off all day because the position lacks clear, ascertainable criteria for performance.
  • What motivates you? It is important to find out how the person thinks. given the the many temptations of a home office, a high level of motivation is imperative. You are looking for a self starter and not someone who needs to be told what to do.
young african american businesswoman using computer
young african american businesswoman using computer
  • Have you worked remotely before? It is important to know the level of experience this person has when it comes to working on their own. If this person hasn’t worked on their own before then hiring them is a big risk.
  • Do you have a suitable place to work? This is basically to ensure that your staff is far away from any form of distraction, as that can affect their productivity.
  • Are you comfortable with time alone? The setup of working remotely presents a great deal of isolation and studies have shown that interaction with other people help keep you active. and since you want a “happy” woeker, you should be sure that he/she is comfortable with working alone.

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