LLA Interview — Sharon Meyiwa shares her experience during and after the ELP Program

Tell us about yourself Sharon

I am Sharon Meyiwa, I was born and raised in Warri, Delta State I am graduate of Tourism and event management from the prestigious AFE Babalola University Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. I am a professional makeup Artist, a media personality, and beauty pageant titleholder. I love to travel, explore different cultures and communities. I love to be seen, heard and Listened to and I also derive so much pleasure and happiness from making women look beautiful and feel beautiful, one of the many reasons I took makeup artistry seriously.


How did you find out about the Enterprise and Leadership Program?

I found out about the enterprise and leadership program when it was announced to us at the Beauty Master Class of Ronald the7th courtesy of the Royal Iwere foundation and her majesty the Queen Olori Atuwatse III.

Did you have any hesitation while applying for this and what made you make the decision to be there?

It was presented to us as a personal decision to attend but I decided I was going to be a part of it be it compulsory or not and I was even more motivated when I watched the testimonial video of a past participant of the previous edition and I filled my registration form with faith, expectations and excitement.


What was your experience like during the 3-day program?

The three days of the program taught me a lot about how I can help my business grow where I have being lacking and what I need to do and life in general, when I speak about life in general I speak about sportsmanship (supporting and celebrating everywoman in that room regardless of wins or not), and also to understand that you can’t do it all by yourself, you need a community to support you that’s where networking comes in and having a skill doesn’t guarantee you success rather what actions and how you are implementing your skills that’s success and lastly thrive for yourself but also thrive to give back to your society.

When you were announced as one of the people to pitch, what emotions were running through you?

As a person of faith and how much time, sacrifice and efforts I had put into being present at the event I felt within me I was going to be called to pitch. the emotions I felt at the time I heard my name was that of gratitude, hope, joy and encouragement and I won.


Congratulations on being one of the grant winners, what are the next steps for you?

The next step for me which I had mentioned when I was pitching, was that I am going to invest in my makeup artistry skill in terms of getting quality tools, equipments and also PR using social media channels and goggle which will eventually make me one of the sought after make up artist in my environment and beyond also personal development.

What are 5 lessons you took from this program?

(i) Keep your focus on the reason why you are somewhere ( ii ) never underestimate anyone ( iii) never judge a book by it’s cover (IV) think big but let it be of value to the next person or your community ( V) when an opportunity presents itself grab it with all you got, it might just be the stepping stone you need to climb to your next level.


Would you be recommending this program to any other person you come across?

Yes of course I wouldn’t even hesitate to do that.

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