“One Cannot Progress If You Refuse To Accept Your Destiny,” Bose Omolayo – World Champion Paralympic

Ever since Bose Omolayo became widely known as the world champion power lifter and paralympic, she has become relentless in breaking records and has won the hearts of many, while being a source of inspiration for most people.

Bose Omolayo has a very soul-touching story; her mother’s friend once told her mother to abandon her because, in her opinion, she could no longer become anything in life.Thankfully today, Bose is a Nigerian powerlifter.

Unable to walk again from when she was 12, Bose has shattered World Records (WR) and set a new one of 138kg to win Nigeria’s sixth GOLD medal at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. She competed in the women’s +61 kg event at the 2014 Commonwealth Games where she won a silver medal. 

Bose is proof that the only limitations that exists are the ones that you accept. According to her, “it took a while before I accepted my condition and you know that one cannot progress if you refuse to accept your destiny.” She just keeps inspiring us, all the time!

Culled from the guardian


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