Meet Memuna Wiliams, the brain behind Avantgarde Translations



You may not understand the crucial role Memuna’s company plays until you need the services of a professional translator. Memuna is the CEO Avantgarde Translations, an organization that provides professional translation, interpreting and related language services, in major world languages, to businesses and to government entities around the world.

With offices in the United States, Canada and Africa, it is clear that Memuna and her team are ready to take the brand to the next level. According to her, Avantgarde Translations helps clients reach new audiences and expand into new markets efficiently and effectively, since people are more likely to buy products and services if they are accessible in their own language,


Till date, Avantgarde Translations have completed more than 2,700 projects involving multiple document types and venues and 30 languages for 150 global clients in the US, Canada and Africa.

The business, which started twelve years ago with her sister as partner, is expanding into Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa and Europe in the nearest future. 

Take over the world Memuna!



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