Meet Claudine Humure, a 2017 OZY Genius who’s giving mobile hope to amputees in developing countries.


Photo: youtube

Claudine Humure is a 24 year old Rwandan innovator of a 3D printed adjustable prosthetic socket, which serves a cheaper mobile alternative for amputees in developing countries who cannot afford the high cost of prosthetic limbs. Claudine’s innovation has won her a spot on the 2017 list of OZY Genius award, which comes with a grand prize of $10,000. The OZY Genius award is a yearly award given in recognition of outstanding innovations by college students.

Claudine is one of this year’s 10 winners. Claudine’s journey to helping amputees began at the age of 12 when she lost her limb to cancer, right after being a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. As an intern at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she became exposed to prosthetic research. Seeing the huge need for prosthetic limbs, she became motivated to provide amputees a much cheaper access to mobility.

For Claudine, helping amputees is a passion that drives beyond her present innovation. Her ultimate goal is to build a prosthetic clinic that will see to the rehabilitation of amputees and provide them a platform to enable them to learn from one another.


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