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‘ Build your mailing list”

I cannot count how many times I have heard somebody say this on social media. If you are a business owner or trying to build your personal brand, you must have heard it as well. The question, however, is how? How do I build my mailing list and ensure that my newsletters covert?  Let’s talk about it. This will be insightful, I promise.


1. Your subject line should be compelling

I have read subject lines that were so bland; they made me close the email application on my phone almost immediately. If your subject line is boring, the chances are that no one will open your email. Try asking questions or engage a bit of curiosity in a subject line.  

2. Keep it simple

I don’t know about you, but unnecessarily long newsletters are intimidating. I mean, why should I be reading your newsletter for more than seven minutes? Let this not be you, please. I always advise clients to pass the message across in simple words and as quickly as possible. 

3. Send it often

Do not make the mistake of sending newsletters only when you have a new product. See your newsletter as another way of building a relationship with your subscribers and making them grow from regular clients to ardent fans. If you can, have a set date when you send your emails. That way, subscribers look forward to it. Don’t be inconsistent. 

4.  Include a Call To Action

What do you want your subscribers to do after reading your newsletter? Tell them. It doesn’t always have to be for them to buy a course or pay for a new product. It could be that you want them to answer a question or join a giveaway on social media. 

5. Ensure that you are adding value 

I know I said that a riveting email newsletter is like an ATM to your company, but it defiantly isn’t magic. Before you can make sales, you must add value. One great way to do this is by maximizing your newsletters. Apart from the regular promotions and announcements you want to share with your subscribers, ensure that your newsletter has a reputation for adding value. This way, subscribers are more likely to open your emails. 

Adedotun, how can I add value using my newsletters? It’s simple, explain a concept clients have asked questions about before, or weigh in on trends in your industry and share possible solutions. When your newsletter consistently adds value, the odds are that when you talk about a service or product, subscribers will most likely open and buy from you. 

If you just scrolled to the end of this post, that’s fine. Here’s a summary of what I shared. The best newsletters don’t sell round the clock. They take their readers on a journey towards the sale. Build a relationship with your subscribers, offer them value, and when it is time to buy, it will be a no-brainer! If you read this from the beginning to this point, here’s your award for being intentional about growing your brand’s communications. Now go and implement! 


About Adedotun Soyemi 

Adedotun Soyemi is a Global Communications Strategist and Consultant with over four years’ experience creating and executing communications strategies for corporate brands and global thought leaders.

She has successfully executed projects for The W Community, Association of Professional Women’s Bankers of Nigeria, The Healthcare Nigeria Conference, Leading Ladies Africa, amongst others. Adedotun also provides Operations Support at The Comms Avenue, a capacity building platform for leading and innovative communications professionals across the world.

Instagram – @oloriadedotun

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