“You are in competition with no one, do what you do and do it with all passion and love”- #LLA Meets Omoyeni Disu, Creative Director, Glitter Girl Innovations Nigeria ltd & MWANGA.

Omoyeni Disu, the Mwanga queen is the head chandler /Creative Director at Glitter Girl Innovations Nigeria ltd the parent company of MWANGA, producers of a wide range of scented candles, diffusers, car fresheners, amongst other scented items. Omoyeni ventured into entrepreneurship and birthed  “Mwanga” after the death of her parents in 2017. To her, Mwanga  which is originally “Swahili” for “light”, means “My light at the end of the tunnel”. Ever since its inception, Mwanga has progressed tremendously from producing scented candles and diffusers to car fresheners, handy room sprays amongst other products. As our lady boss for the week, Omoyeni brings so much light into our chat room that we are excited to share with you. Scroll down to enjoy our chat with her.

Hello Omoyeni, It’s great to have you on LLA, Can you briefly describe yourself and your business?

My name is Omoyeni Disu, the Mwanga queen. I’m all things love, light, happiness, and food. I’m the head chandler / creative director at Glitter girl innovations Nigeria ltd the parent company of MWANGA.

Mwanga provides a wide range of scented candles, diffusers, car fresheners amongst other scented items designed to meet the needs of our teeming consumers, we focus on creating a serene and endearing ambience for our customers, uplifting their mood psychologically and keeping the energy positive, healthy and inviting through our wide array of products.

What does the name “Mwanga” mean? And why did you choose it?

Mwanga is originally “Swahili” and it means “light”, I then coined it to be “My light at the end of the tunnel” This is exactly why Mwanga Candles and Diffusers was birthed and designed – to remind one of the strong message of light at the end of every tunnel. You know how dark a place can be and then all of a sudden, a flicker of light comes and it just creates hope, that’s what Mwanga is, the flicker of light and hope.

I choose the name in commiseration of my late parents who died 40 days apart in 2017: but most especially my mum, who was an ardent lover of candles/diffusers and everything scents, my burning desire is to keep pushing and to remind myself that every dark turn leads to the Mwanga which in turn leads to happiness / hope.

What inspired this line of business and why did you choose to be an entrepreneur?

My mum Olanike Disu also known as “Madam Tax” gosh mummy!!! She was a scent lover, she lived candles, perfumes and everything scents, I literally would wake up every morning, go to her room and just lay on her body to just smell her. As regards being an entrepreneur, I always knew that I couldn’t be boxed, so after my parents died, I was fed up and I knew I needed to breath, so it was something I had been praying about for a while and I felt peace and decided to resign from my 8-8 and the rest is what you read about today. 

What inspires your scents? And how do you get inspirations to create different scents?

Life! Life isn’t black or white, it’s colored in my eyes and I try to bring that color into all that I do. I absolutely love colors and being free spirited. So, whatever fragrance I feel resonates with that, I mix and match and bam!

What new innovation have you introduced to your business?

Well since we started 6 months ago, we have moved from just scented candles and diffusers to car fresheners, and our new product room sprays that you can take everywhere with you. To be honest I try not to put myself under unnecessary pressure, its great to aim high but these things take time and I’m learning to enjoy my journey to greatness and success in whatever form it comes.

What will you say has been the highlight of your journey so far?

The fact that this little girl is not selling just a product or brand but she’s selling an experience, her journey to light and is able to just be avessel that God is using to touch someone out there, it really is humbling and I’m thankful, very.

What do you think is responsible for your success?

Not to sound cliché but honestly, God, my mummy (lol yes my mama), hard work, consistency, our amazing clientele.

In your opinion, would you say that there are any unique challenges that female entrepreneurs face? What are some of the challenges you’ve faced, and what’s kept you going?

This question ehn! We can go on and on about it but I’ll try to be brief. From people thinking and saying, she is just a woman, what does she know or isn’t it just candles, what are you even doing? There are just so many things that make you want to quit and become a kept woman but when I remember why I started, the passion and the lives I know that will be touched not just by the products alone but the brand and the story. I wipe the tears, have some ice cream and fries and keep it moving. I am strong, I am capable, I can and guess what “SO CAN YOU”

 What’s your five-year plan for your business?

To have MWANGA round the world

What do upcoming female entrepreneurs need to do to be successful in this path?

Be patient, focus on your business and I beg you please you are in competition with no one, the sky is big enough for everyone, do what you do and do it with all the passion and love you can muster, in due time it will all come together for you.

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