Yoga + Self Care: Meet Nicole Cardoza, the woman who is teaching us how to live wholesome lives

If starting your own business sounds like a challenge, imagine becoming a founder of a life-changing non-profit in the midst of your turbulent 20’s. How would you maintain a clear mind and keep healthy habits while still rocking the community-serving career you’ve always dreamt of? Nicole Cardoza is teaching us how to live wholesome lives, and the best part is, she is not leaving the little ones out.


Nicole is the founder of Yoga Foster. Her intention is to empower others with the tools to live a well life. She thinks wellness opportunities are limited and seen as a luxury instead of a need and a right. So her intention is to help change that and make it easier for people to tackle their own health.


Yoga Foster is a non-profit organization that brings yoga and mindfulness to the classroom, especially schools who would otherwise not have access. The company’s goal is to provide teachers with the tools necessary to implement wellness and self-care into their personal lives as well as provide children with the opportunity to practice movement and mindfulness at early learning stages. Cardoza started Yoga Foster in 2014.


Nicole also takes her time to clear misconceptions about yoga. She thinks it doesn’t have to take that much time. It can happen between two twin beds on a really ugly carpet. Or if you’re sitting on an airplane taking a redeye from one spot to another and you just fold your legs underneath you and take a couple of deep breaths. Reconnecting with your body doesn’t have to be sexy and expensive and social and Instagrammable. It has to be something you feel really comfortable with and is natural to do every day.

I’m stepping up my yoga game and I hope you get to do same. We now know that it doesn’t have to look like what we see on social media. So get comfortable with yourself and reconnect with your body.

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